About documents and charge
1.Bill of Loading (B/L) The B/L is the most important document. It’s necessary and the cost is included in the shipping cost. The contianer cannot be claimed without it. 2.Commercial Invoice The Invoice contains the prices of each item, including item number, description and quantity. 3.Packing List The Packing List shows the compelet list of all the items which are loaded into the container. 4.Fumigation Certificate The Fumigation Certificate is not necessary for all the countries. Please let us know if you need it. Usually, 200USD needed to pay for fumigation. (40’ /40’HC). 5.Certificate of Chinese Antique The Certificate of Chinese Antique certify that the furniture were made over 100 years ago. In some countries such Certificate of Chinese Antique can be used for inport-tax reduction. 6.Insurance It’s not necessary. The cost depends on the kind of insurance requested and which is calculated according to the total value of the goods which is marked on the invoice.

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