About packing
The packing material used are corrugated paper, foam, etc. Faces of the painted cabinets or those with engraved panels are protected with the foam & corrugated paper. And feet of the tables, cabinets, stools are usually protected with corrugated paper. Air Freight: It is most expensive way to ship your furniture back home, but it is most fast way to reach your home.For most small items or valuable items,you should consider to send it by air freight. We can pack your furniture and delivery it to the airport at your request. Sea Freight We delivery most furniture to your home by this way world-widely, because it is most cost effective way to send your furniture. Most of dealers send their purchase by this way. There are three sizes of containers for a regular service for furniture in large quantity. 20' Containers about 26 cubic meter volume 40' Containers about 56 cubic meter volume High Cube 40' Containers about 65 cubic meter volume

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