Chinese antique furniture market prospects

Time: 2011-11-30
  Chinese antique furniture Despite these differences, but the top of the pear and red sandalwood furniture in this year's spring auction on the film, some antique Chinese furniture market will become more popular, this is the consensus of experts. If Joe Hao, told reporters that they attract viewers, especially the exhibition more than twenty years ago, even handling of some of the exhibits of the experts, of course, many more new buyers. Through these well-known international furniture repair furniture repair expert Christopher Cook, has retained the original package pulp and signs of wear and thrown into a clean, get unanimous praise. He believes this year's spring auction of this special deal will be good, a single price would certainly be higher last year. The Ke Ti also think that doing a lot of character to promote the auction, the auction result should be very good.
  Chinese antique furniture as Beijing Kuang introduced red sandalwood furniture, Ke Ti also said he thought worthy of attention. He believes that, rare as red sandalwood is more than the pear, so the red sandalwood furniture of the palace has been sought after at high prices, creating a series of auction records. If the previous two years was photographed more than 80 million Hong Kong dollars a Throne is made ??of red sandalwood; market at the beginning of this round in 2003, a 12-screen red sandalwood has captured $ 20 million, at the time was classical Chinese furniture the highest on record.
  According to the correspondent reporter said, chinese antique furniture there is further action, in July this year will do a show, the red sandalwood furniture and pear together show, which is the palace of red sandalwood furniture, has a similar major, cabinets and Ocean Bed kind of weighing equipment. Like "companion the next room," the exhibition, as exhibits in the big shot on the last shot on, pear and red sandalwood furniture to the same field PK. Can be expected this year, Chinese classical furniture auction will once again set off a new boom.

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