The characteristics of solid wood furniture

Time: 2012-03-29
The real wood furniture is the oldest type furniture, usual some larger brand of classical furniture and original furniture USES completely real wood. Solid wood furniture ten brand of completely real wood furniture and the prevalence of cater to people to return to nature of mental state, it flavor, so many people can not give up. Hypothesis is excellent designer of outstanding works, even if is the modern design of furniture, also has the use and the collection value.
Defects: body charming body expensive
Solid wood furniture is to point to the basic material use real wood lumber (sheet) manufacturing, the surface without the surface treatment, this kind of furniture looks completely real wood furniture with no different, the price also is higher; More is real wood cover furniture, also is the basic material use real wood lumber (sheet) manufacturing, and in the surface sticks of solid wood veneer furniture, it is difficult to identify what ordinary people have a few real wood components. Real wood furniture optimal defects is what? Advantages: natural environmental protection
The real wood furniture of process and material supplications high, use natural wood, make the price rise; Can choose the style and decorative pattern also restricted by lumber itself. The most fatal flaw is the change of the moisture content makes it changeful form, from material selection, drying, flat-fell seam is very severe supplications, etc. When in use also has a lot of entreaty, pine furniture ten brand such as not let the sun shine, cannot super-cooling or overheat, too drab and damp environment on real wood furniture is not appropriate. Enjoy the flesh also demand flower, the hypothesis in use without pay attention, and even qualified solid wood furniture products sometimes attack deformation, cracking phenomenon. In addition, real wood furniture parts/usually by tenon structure and adhesive, scrap ordinary cannot be removed, moving very inconvenience when.

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