Antique Table-MQ08-232

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Update Time 2012-03-25
The Ming and qing dynasties the eat desk and chair of Chinese style style USES rare material-camphorwood, quality of a material is tough, texture and beautiful, and resistance to eat by moth. In the folk, camphor tree was people as feng shui tree, meaning ward off evil spirits, long life, good luck. This kind of desk and chair use wooden tenon connection, and firm. And the surface of the environmental protection paint, environmental protection harmless. In adornment respect the carving of a peace anglogold design, moral luck, and go in peace, unique design, the moral long, is filled with classical connotation. This kind of desk and chair for love in Chinese style style, especially the Ming and qing dynasties the person of the style, also suitable for those who believe that feng shui, take its meaning, also suitable for those who have through the plot of the people. And good shape is the darfur's kang eat desk and chair of the one big characteristic, costly fire stones and texture of the collocation of northeast China ash beautiful wood, special style of whole, markets and in general seen toughened glass, paint than table, really let a person shine at the moment. The details with delicate do manual work, well thought out. Suggest that consumers need to consider is the northeast China ash wood maintenance problems.